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Want to address some of your "come to live with" symptoms and ailments? And learn more about hormones, how health patterns play out based on apple versus pear shape body types, what cracked heels and bunions show up in the body as a whole, how to be more effective in sorting out common issues like stress, PMS, infertility, etc in today's chemical age, polluted environment, and fast-paced society. The author is Nici Schmidt who specialises in women's wellness as a reflexologist and meridian therapist. "Join the dots" about your female health and gain a deeper insight into the value that the age old art and science of reflexology holds in supporting the body in balancing and healing itself. Although this site is aimed mostly at women of various ages, from teenagehood to their post-menopausal years, anyone is welcome to book a treatment and/or simply enjoy her blog posts. Feeling flat? Get to know your energy 'battery' based on Electromagnetic Pathways called The Meridians; understand the effects of pH Balance on your Cellular Health; how to optimise your Fertility, the important role of Natural Progesterone in Hormonal Balance, and more.


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Nici Schmidt works as a therapeutic reflexologist and meridian therapist based in South Africa. Her background in sociology and current interests have brought her to writing about wellness solutions for women facing change amidst the rapid pace of modern living. She is passionate about enhancing well-being and connection in her work with people of all ages and walks of life.  



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