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HealthSpots is your exclusive "where to go" if you wish to gain a deeper understanding of various health concerns experienced by many women today.

"Join the dots", so to speak, about some of your own body's challenges and see how certain symptoms may be inter-related.

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Topics range from reproductive & fertility health, hormonal health, breast health, sexual health, what may be effecting your mood, pH balance and blood sugar health, all the way through to foot problemsdry cracked lips, facial acne, dark circles and bags under the eyes, apple-shape- / pear-shape associated weight gain, and more. Through reading the blog articles, one may come to see that there is a strong connection among seemingly unrelated health issues.

Discover "the missing pieces of the puzzle" around your personal health history.


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They say that Knowledge is Power, so why not empower yourself with a somewhat different view, and see a bigger picture of what your body may be"trying to tell you" over time? If you are better able to "listen" to your body's 'messages' and understand its 'language', you may arrive at a deeper understanding sooner than later, and possibly correct what has gone out of balance, before things develop further. Such knowledge may also offer a greater discernment when exploring the various treatment paths available to us in this modern age. We have all heard the wise saying from ancient medicine:

"Prevention is better than Cure".


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Nici Schmidt works as a therapeutic reflexologist and meridian therapist based in South Africa. Her background in sociology and current interests have brought her to writing about wellness solutions for women facing change amidst the rapid pace of modern living. She is passionate about enhancing well-being and connection in her work with people of all ages and walks of life.  


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