What is Reflexology & Meridian Therapy?

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What is Therapeutic Reflexology?

Reflexology may be a new word to some and not so new to others. Otherwise known as therapeutic foot massage for health and well- being, reflexology is also an art & science. Here specialised firm, yet gentle, massage techniques are applied to nerve endings (reflex points) in the feet, hands and ears in order to aid the body in finding homeostasis (balance) and healing itself. Reflexologists mainly concentrate on the feet helping to improve circulation here and in the whole body, bringing increased oxygen and nutrient supply to the various tissues and organs and helping to maximise the clearing of waste products therefrom. This helps to revitalise the body and contribute to healing and regeneration.

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 What are Meridians?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), wherein Therapeutic Reflexology and Acupuncture have their roots, we talk about the meridians. Meridians are electro-magnetic pathways that run vertically up and down the body. Our body’s vital life force, derived from our nutritional intake, oxygen, etc, runs along these energy pathways and feeds our various organ systems, as well as muscles and other tissues. When these pathways become blocked through toxins, the vital life force is impeded and disease may follow over time if not corrected.

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By administering reflexology treatment on the feet one allows the vital life force to flow more efficiently along the main meridian pathways  -as these are found in the feet! We also achieve better circulation to the nerves and other tissues of the body, clearing of the neural pathways and improved regulation of the hormonal system, bringing about healing and vitality as the body enters into homeostasis (balance).

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