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 Progesterone Levels During Pregnancy
Moms to Be, this is amazing: Sally Longden reminds us that the actual word “progesterone” gets its name from being the “PREGNANCY” hormone. Interestingly, the “PRO-GESTATION” hormone is synonymous with PROGESTERONE. Progesterone enables the survival of the fertilized egg. It maintains the lining of the uterus during pregnancy.


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In the first trimester the ovaries are responsible for the production of Progesterone (more specifically, the ovary from which the egg was released). This is often not enough which causes nausea known as MORNING SICKNESS. Once a woman moves into the second trimester, after about 3 months, the placenta takes over the role of progesterone production and continues to serve this role for the remainder of the pregnancy (gestation).


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Levels of progesterone rise from 20mg per day to 400mg in the last trimester of pregnancy. This hormone is vital for the development and survival of the foetus. If levels are not high enough a woman can have a miscarriage. If this isn’t amazing enough, Progesterone furthermore ensures the emotional well-being of the baby in this secured womb environment, and is also the precursor of many of the baby’s steroids, providing for the child’s own fight/flight responses and protection during labour.

Recent research also shows that Progesterone is Nature’s PAIN KILLER, (ANALGESIC), ANTI-DEPRESSANT and VALIUM, all rolled into one. If it were not for these very high levels of progesterone until the end of the pregnancy, birthing would be impossible to bear, and a woman would “die” from the pain of labour.


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At birth the levels of Progesterone plummet dramatically as the placenta is shed. This is a crucial window, as this is when women go into POST NATAL DEPRESSION due to the lack of progesterone and being in a state of unopposed oestrogen. NATURAL PROGESTERONE THERAPY for this depression is the only treatment that has any proper effect. By restoring the levels of progesterone, you restore the balance.  We are the only mammals that don’t consume the placenta after birth, barring certain tribal societies. But in modern society, this is unlikely to be an accepted practice. This is where supplementing your body with a high quality cream can be a good resource to support a woman with morning sickness and, or the 'baby blues' , according to Sally Longden, and other teachers on the subject of natural progesterone therapy.


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