Passage to Power through the Gateway of Menopause

hs 456Menopause is often viewed as a deficiency disease by the medical world. Insights from doctors like Dr Lee, and educators on the subject of women’s natural health like Sally Longden, help us understand menopause differently. It is actually a natural passage to a highly powerful period in a woman's life.

Menopause is literally as the word describes: a pause from menses (the menstrual cycle). It is when the fertility hormone, estrodial (otherwise spelt as oestrodial), drops in its levels, allowing for estriol (or oestriol) and estrone (or oestrone) to be the predominant estrogens in a woman's body. Estriol is beneficial in menopausal women to the cervix, vagina and vulva by preventing vaginal dryness.

hs 455Interestingly, yet not surprisingly in this chemical age, pre-menopause (or peri-menopause) is now beginning at an average of 34 years of age. It is a time when a woman begins to stop ovulating in some menstrual cycles, in other words, when the ovary no longer releases an egg, termed as anovulatory cycles. As such she no longer produces progesterone that cycle.

As a result she may go through some months of intense estrogen dominance due to the very low levels of progesterone, and the resulting unopposed estrogen. From these beginning stages of peri-menopause, a woman becomes seriously progesterone deficient. Supplementation with a natural progesterone cream during this period is highly beneficial and protective.

hs 460Menstruation stops completely in menopause when there are no more eggs left. At this time a woman's estrogen levels fall by 40  - 60%. However, her progesterone levels are lowered to that of a man. Its decline is 12 times greater. With the fall of these 2 hormones the pituitary gland found in the brain, increases the secretion of FSH ( Follicular Stimulating Hormone) and LH ( Luteinizing Hormone) which in turn cause the adrenal glands and ovaries to secrete androgens, which bring about thinning hair, the growth of facial hair and weight gain (the middle age spread). Androgens make estrogen, leading to a state of unopposed estrogen, increasing fat cells.

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We want to balance the estrogens naturally, says Sally Longden, and this can be done by supplementing with natural progesterone, as this not only helps with raising progesterone levels to where they need to be, but also, progesterone is a precursor to these safe estrogens. ONLY IF estrogen deficiency symptoms appear, like vaginal dryness, and persistent hot flushes, is supplementation with natural estriol.

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Dangers of Synthetic Hormones

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ERT (Estrogen Replacement Therapy -eg. Premarin) and HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) have been proved to substantially increase the incidence of breast cancer. Other serious side effects include higher blood pressure, PMS, lowered sex drive, headaches and migraines, backache, nervous tension, rashes, itching, and dizziness.  

Synthetic “progesterones”, called progestins and progestagens (eg. Provera) have adverse side effects including thrombophlebitis (clot formations in the legs), pulmonary embolisms (clots in the lungs), cholestatic jaundice, mental depression, insomnia, and changes in fat mass. It has now been showed up to have no benefits on revering osteoporosis.

Natural progesterone -being a hormone that your body knows, has no side effects,  and should help protect against breast cancer, osteoporosis, endometrial cancer, fibrocystic breast disease, depression, and may also improve your sex drive.

 hs 134To sum up:

Menopause is not a disease nor abnormality.
It is in fact a passage to power when woman no longer is as emotional, self sacrificing and learns to give more to herself instead of others as one is influenced by other types of estrogens. It is often joked that estrodial, the estrogen that dominates during child-bearing years, makes a woman "emotional, pathetic and in the kitchen!"... It is a time when a woman no longer has any eggs left in her ovaries and stops menstruating. It is when estrogen levels fall by 40-60% and her progesterone levels drop 12 times more! These hormonal changes lead to a state of estrogen dominance.


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  • Supplement with natural progesterone cream to restore hormonal balance AS SOON AS YOU START PRE-MENOPAUSE, and (if necessary) a natural form of oestriol cream.
  • Avoid synthetic hormones, like HRT, Premarin, and Provera (synthetic progesterone)
  • Supplement with hormone balancing nutrients in your daily diet, like omega 3 fatty acids, and herbs that restore balance.
  • Avoid cholesterol-free diets and fat free diets. Good fats from plants and well sourced oily fish provide the raw material for the body to make progesterone.
  • Avoid sugar and junk food. These disrupt hormonal balance by creating problems with insulin and stress the body.
  • Avoid xeno-estrogens and environmental toxins (eg. Petrochemicals).



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