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Your Energy Battery

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 From acupuncture we learn that there is an electromagnetic nature to our physical and emotional health and wellbeing.  Another term for this energy flow through the body is to talk about the Meridian System. The meridian system is made up of several energy circuits connecting specific organs and muscles along its various routes, each having their own particular time of day to be more active, creating the body’s own “clock”. These lines of vital energy are known as zones in reflexology. Despite what terms we use, the understanding is that when this flow of energy becomes blocked or disturbed, symptoms of disease and health problems become apparent. The way to go about treating many health conditions, one can strongly argue, is at this root level, or we can even say along the correct “route”.



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Using certain therapeutic methods and techniques to unblock the channels, along which the vital life force naturally flows, could offer a solution when treating various health conditions.  The meridians give us a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of many disease pathways, and even a very basic knowledge of how they work can be of great benefit in pinpointing problems and seeing how many health issues may be related.hs 351


hs 373The six main energy channels actually begin and end in the feet. Thus a treatment such as reflexology foot massage is actually helpful in clearing congestions along the meridian pathways. When this is achieved, the body can reach a state of balance. The hands and arms have another 6 important pathways, although it is effective enough to receive treatment in the feet alone, since the organs that are penetrated by the meridians in the hands and arms are actually also penetrated by the meridians in the feet and legs. For example the lung meridian in the arms goes through the lungs, but the stomach meridian which travels from the feet also eventually traverses the lungs. In fact, the concept of the meridian cycle is one continuous supply of energy flowing through the body, yet it can be analysed at more intricate levels. (Inge Dougans, The Complete Illustrated Guide to Reflexology -Therapeutic Foot Massage for Health and Well-Being, (1996), p60)


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Indeed meridians have a very long history, for instance, the Chinese discovered the meridian system about 3000 years ago. The understanding and application of this knowledge in medicine is now gaining greater popularity today. (Inge Dougans, The Complete Illustrated Guide to Reflexology -Therapeutic Foot Massage for Health and Well-Being, (1996), p60-66).

It is interesting that this is happening, especially as we stand amidst three main influencing factors on our health today: chronic life and work stress (survival stress in today’s ever changing economy); living in the height of the chemical age; and consistent bombardment from electromagnetic waves defining our wi-fi / techno age. All of these factors interfere with our meridian system –one’s own “energy battery”.  

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The articles in this website aim to explain common health problems faced by women in this context, and relating them to the meridians. The intention is to enable readers to learn something more about their symptoms in that they could be interconnected via the meridian pathways. By correcting lifestyle and nutrition, and having treatments like acupressure, acupuncture, reflexology, shiatsu, thai massage, yoga, among others, the body is better able to thrive, and in so doing, one may safeguard oneself against developing health conditions that one would otherwise be more prone to.


Recharging your Energy Battery

Chronic stress drains your energy battery. Just as any battery requires regular recharging in order for the device to be able to function, so it is for the human body –its hormonal and nervous systems in particular. At the most subtle level, all the cells in the body require constant, steady supplies of energy to do their basic functions, so that as they collectively form various tissues and organs, the various systems can work together at their optimal level. Digestion, elimination of waste, circulation, respiration, immune function/ renewal and repair work, reproduction, etc all require energised cells that make up the various organs to do these tasks.

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Replenishing the vital life force to the adrenals is one of the key ways to recharging one’s battery (or in the sense of describing energy in the various human cells, one could use the plural form: recharge one’s “batteries”). The treatment methods mentioned above are excellent solutions that have survived the test of time, developed over many hundreds of years. Maybe someone knew back then what was coming. The modern age is where adrenal exhaustion exists as never before, accompanied on a massive population scale by chronic health issues such as magnesium deficiency, hormonal imbalance, metabolic syndromes, inflammatory conditions, auto-immune problems, amongst a plethora of others.  

The Kidney/ Bladder Meridian Pathway

 hs 48The kidneys house the adrenals. The bladder meridian runs behind the body, from the little toe up the ankles and achille's tendon, calves, hamstrings, buttocks, right up the whole spine, until the back of the neck, back of the head and into the forehead, terminating on the inner side of each eye. A point to highlight here is that this energy line also penetrates the adrenals. The adrenals are glands which secrete hormones that control our blood pressure, as well as our anti-inflammatory- like compounds (corticosteroids). They also secrete our stress hormones. Short term and long term stress hormones.  The long term hormone that is secreted is cortisol.


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Eventually, too much cortisol release tires out the whole hormonal system.  Just as in a used or “flat” battery, that becomes “drained”. Ever hear others around you or yourself using this language? Relaxation treatments help to “quieten” the stress mode brought about through cortisol (called the long-term “fight or flight” mode) and enable other hormones to kick in which enhance feelings of well-being, setting the scenario for improved break down of nutrients through digestion, circulation, and assimilation of nutrients, proper elimination of waste material from the tissues, and healing processes to be more active. This is in essence how our “flat”batteries can become recharged. When cortisol is brought to its normal levels, at the appropriate time of the day and night, sleep patterns can improve, and the body can recharge in its normal way again.

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