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In the context of what makes this the fast chemical age, we find ourselves as women also contending with the Wi-Fi Age. We are absolutely bombarded by electromagnetic waves of energy.

Becoming Aware of our Electromagnetic Body

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (as in acupuncture theory) gives us a holistic interconnected model of our various organs and systems. The human body has its own electromagnetic energy circuit or “battery”, known as the meridian system. These are energetic pathways which run longitudinally through the body, some beginning in the fingers or toes and ending in the head, neck or torso of the body, and others vice versa. Each of the 12 meridians is named after a major organ in its pathway and is partnered with another meridian:

* Liver Meridian and Gallbladder Meridian
* Stomach Meridian and Spleen/Pancreas Meridian
* Kidney Meridian and Bladder Meridian
* Lung Meridian and Large Intestine Meridian
* Heart Meridian and Small Intestine Meridian
* Endocrine (Hormonal Centers) Meridian (aka the Triple Burner) and the Circulation / Pericardium Meridian


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The liver-brain-hormone connection

The liver meridian pathway connects the liver with hormonal & neural centers in the Brain. The liver and gallbladder meridians are two electro-magnetic pathways that travel through some key organs relating to hormonal health. The liver meridian pathway actually begins in the big toe (of each foot), and connects the liver with the neuro-endocrine brain centers, namely the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland and pineal gland, which govern all hormonal functions, including puberty, menstruation, reproduction, libido, and menopause, as well as our appetite, stress response and sleep-awake cycles (circadian rythms). Think of the liver organ as the 'chemical brain' of the body, intricately involved in the above processes, either directly or indirectly. The liver organ is also the chemical brain when it comes to detoxification processes –including ESTROGEN DETOX. (See articles about estrogen dominance covered in the “Hormonal Health” section of this website).

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The liver meridian’s partner is the gallbladder meridian as it travels through the actual organ of the gallbladder. Two major functions of the gallbladder is to store bile and deliver it to the colon for excretion or removal of wastes that come from digestion, and other processes, including excess estrogen metabolism. Bile production is initiated by the liver. This is the synergy among the organs involved in getting rid of toxins and excess hormones.

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Another interesting point is that in the circadian rhythms, otherwise called the body’s “energy clock”, the hours when the gall-bladder and liver are mostly active (using the most energy among any other particular organs) is between 11am and 1am, and from 1am to 3am respectively.  Therefore it is important to be sleeping properly at this time, and why we should have a light, early supper, so as not to over burden the liver and gall-bladder at this time of the night when they are most active in sorting out toxins, breaking down hormones, synthesizing new hormones from fats and oils in the diet. The gallbladder is involved in chemically breaking down these fats for this hormone-synthesizing process by means of the bile it stores, etc.

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Too much late-night eating, partying, boozing, drugging, smoking, over-exposure to screens, being around bright lights, all tax the liver and gallbladder. This over exposure over the longer term, and too little exposure to gentle natural sunlight through the eyes, could lead to all sorts of symptoms along the liver meridian which dominates the eye muscles. Remember as depicted in the diagram above, that the liver meridian penetrates the frontal lobe of the brain where the main hormonal centre called the pituitary gland is found, along with the pineal gland and hypothalamus which regulate our circadian rythms.


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Light penetrating the pupil of the eyes has an influence on the brain's hormonal centres. Too little sunlight  influences our emotional well-being giving rise to various symptoms such as: depression, irritability, mood swings, insomnia, hormonal imbalance, constipation or sluggish colon and poor elimination of toxins leading to foggy brain, poor concentration and memory, weight problems and more. The energy pathways need to be cleared in order to allow proper nourishment of the cells in related organs along the liver and gall bladder meridian, and thereby strengthen, heal and balance them for optimal function.


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Interestingly, the body clock thereafter proceeds to allocate most of the energy in the body to the lungs and colon between 3am and 5am (lung time) and then 5am to 7am (colon time). Which makes total sense, as the body needs to get the toxic load from the bloodstream (metabolized by the liver) OUT of the body. The gallbladder supplies the colon with bile for excretion of waste material. Hence the delicate interplay between all systems.

The Gallbladder Meridian Pathway passes through the Ovaries
The gallbladder meridian pathway travels along the outer (lateral) sides of the body. Symptoms of imbalance plotted along this “highway of energy” have been noted in brackets. The gallbladder meridian starts in the lateral lobe of the brain (where we experience mood swings and irritability), and connects temples (migraine area) and jaw (grinding of teeth, acne, etc), side of the neck &shoulders (tension builds up in these areas), and ovaries (PMS, long irregular cycles, sub-fertility or infertility due to estrogen & progesterone imbalance), hips, outer knees and ends in the 4th toe of each foot (a symptom here could be a regular tendency towards getting Athlete’s foot). This is where liver health is again important. (see article on Liver-Colon Connection & Etrogen Detox ).

 hs 61Therapies such as acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, reflexology, thai massage, etc are becoming more and more popular and understood for assisting with congestion along these key meridians in order for there to be better flow of electromagnetic energy feeding these areas and helping to reduce symptoms.  hs 39

Remember, if we break down cells and tissues into their most basic form all there is are electrons in various configurations, orbiting around a nucleus. Those orbits can be slowed down and become sluggish when there are too many toxic molecules around.


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 By freeing up the body and maintaining a certain level of health, through eating better, and regularly receiving treatments mentioned above, that work on clearing the meridian pathways, the cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, and indeed the body as a whole, can function at a higher level and one feels energized, calm and balanced.


Stomach Meridian & Pancreas/ Spleen Meridians
Theses energy circuits in the body are basically to do with managing the body’s pH balance and blood sugar through sound nutrition, lifestyle and stress management.

 jBetween 7am and 9am , and 9am and 11am the body moves into the time of the day when the digestive system "wakes up". This is the time we should be having a good breakfast in order to best manage our blood sugar for the day ahead.


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hs 509If we struggle to get out of bed in the morning it points to energy congestions and sluggishness along the stomach and spleen/pancreas meridians due to poor lifestyle habits and the impact they may be having on the various organs including the liver, gall bladder, which in turn will impact on the functions of the lungs and colon. How we eat at the beginning of the day influences the liver as we will tend to eat too heavily at night if we skip breakfast (in the hope of losing weight or "not having the time").

Poor lifestyle habits like these actually mess up our insulin control for the rest of the day. Late night eating burdens the liver, where the food is likely to putrify and cause colon congestion because stomach acid levels are lower late at night. Most food intake is supposed to happen in the morning to mid-morning period, when the stomach and pancreas are at their strongest. After this stage of the chinese body clock, the small intestine is ready to absorb the nutrients that have been broken down by the stomach and pancreas.

While the stomach meridian is an energy pathway feeding the breast tissue (travelling through the nipple line), and ovaries, the spleen/pancreas meridian goes through the uterus. When our pH balance and blood sugar control are constantly “out”, we are prone, as women, to developing congestions or symptoms such as ovarian cysts (PCOS –polycystic ovarian syndrome) –along the stomach meridian –and/ or heavy periods, endometriosis, blocked fallopian tubes, etc –along the spleen/pancreas meridian.

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                                                   THE STOMACH INVOLVES OUR pH BALANCE


The parts of the body and organs found along the stomach meridian, such as the mouth, stomach, kidneys and lungs, are all involved in the acid-alkaline balance of the blood stream and tissue fluid. When we continuously consume very acidic and high glycemic foods like sugar, refined carbohydrates, junk foods and processed foods, too many acidic forms of protein, etc, and not enough alkalizing foods, like organically grown vegetables, we will have a greater tendency to experience the above mentioned symptoms.  This is further exacerbated by shallow breathing, resulting in low oxygen intake, when we are too often in a high stress mode.

Learn more about pH Balance and Healthy Blood Sugar management in this website under the RESOURCES heading, and click on BLOOD SUGAR & pH BALANCE HEALTH.


Living in The Sea of Estrogen
Sally Longden, breast-cancer survivor, dedicated researcher, speaker, and promoter of Natural Progesterone Therapy, teaches about the chemical onslaught we are all facing today. Many types of chemicals entering the bloodstream mimic the hormone, estrogen. These chemicals are known as xeno-estrogens and invade the estrogen receptor sites contributing to a dangerous state called estrogen dominance. This common state shared by so many women in today's age is also created when the opposing hormone to estrogen, called progesterone, is continually redirected to protect us from stress by making more stress hormones.

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Infographic Reference: http://butternutrition.com/estrogen-dominance-hormonal-imbalance/

Summary of Estrogen Dominance
As we recall, two major electromagnetic pathways, the gallbladder meridian, as well as the stomach meridian, each have their pathways through each ovary, on the left and right side of the body. The ovaries are involved in estrogen and progesterone hormonal balance, which along with the neurological and hormonal centers in the brain, are central to the female menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause, etc.

The ovarian hormone, Estrogen, when not kept in balance by the other counter-acting ovarian hormone, Progesterone, can lead to a multitude of health challenges in the female system.

Here is a list of MORE symptoms of Estrogen Dominance to become aware of:  -do you yourself relate to some or many of them?

  • Depression, anxiety, panic attacks
  • Mood swings, agitation, irritability
  • Memory Loss, foggy thinking, loss of concentration
  • PMS

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  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Decreased Libido
  • Skin problems, acne
  • Increase in allergies
  • Development of auto- immune diseases
  • Breast tenderness, mastitis, fibrocystic breasts
  • Breast cancer and other estrogen dominant cancers like cervical / endometrial cancer
  • Cervical disphagia
  • Early onset of anovulatory menstrual cycles (when a women stops ovulating)
  • Polycystic ovaries / PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Infertility due to luteal phase failure (By the way, sperm counts are down by over 50%)
  • Early onset of menstruation, irregular periods
  • Bone loss during pre-menopause, osteoporosis
  • Thyroid problems, sluggish metabolism, weight problems
  • Weight gain, water retention, constipation
  • High blood pressure, increased risk of clots and strokes
  • Migraine headaches
  • Zinc/ copper imbalance
  • Magnesium Deficiency
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Hair loss


The Protective Benefits of Progesterone

Progesterone is the counter-balancing ovarian hormone to estrogen. Progesterone keeps estrogen “in check”. In fact, progesterone is the precursor hormone, or “raw material” to estrogen and testosterone. It is the hormone that gets its name from the word “gestation” or the term “pro-gestation (pregnancy)”. As such, progesterone is necessary for the survival of the embryo and fetus throughout gestation (pregnancy).

It is derived from our good cholesterol, therefore one should think twice about ever going on a totally fat-free diet and consider holding on to high quality plant fats and oils as well as those obtained from safely sourced fatty fish.

Some of the major roles that progesterone has in the body are:

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  • Keeps brain cells healthy
  • Protects against Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss
  • Protects against stress
  • Protects the nerves
  • Protects against PMS (Estrogen dominance leads to a retention of copper and a loss of zinc –which causes the uncontrolled PMS rage)
  • Reduces aches & pains
  • Promotes / restores emotional well-being
  • It is known as “Nature’s Valium” –as it is a natural anti-depressant
  • Stops panic attacks
  • Restores skin hydration
  • Stabilizes blood sugar levels which estrogen has an adverse effect on
  • Natural diuretic thus helping to reduce water retention
  • Protects against heart disease (Estrogen causes blood clots. Fluid retention increases the blood volume therefore the blood pressure. In most young people with high blood pressure, the cause is usually estrogen dominance.)
  • Protects against endometrial & all estrogen cancers
  • Protects against fibrocystic breasts.
  • Helps thyroid function (estrogen blocks the effects of Thyroxin in the body –leading to symptoms of Hypothyroidism. When balance is restored with progesterone, Eltroxin is one of the drugs that can be discontinued)
  • Helps use fat for energy –thus regulating weight (Estrogen increases body fat and fluid & salt retention, and vice-versa, fat makes more estrogen, which is a vicious cycle. Ever since there has been experimentation with the Contraceptive Pill and HRT this fact has been known. Where this happens naturally is twice in a woman’s life, when she is in a state of unopposed estrogen at PUBERTY (“puppy fat”) and at MENOPAUSE (“the middle-age spread”).

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  • Restores sex drive (libido) and fertility (1:7 couples getting married today are infertile)
  • Decreases Uterine Cramping
  • Reverses endometriosis (Unopposed estrogen levels stimulate cell growth to go out of control, literally anywhere: fallopian tubes, vagina, liver, lungs etc. This condition prior to the 1950’s had only 50 recorded cases in the world.
  • Decreases Uterine Fibroids (Growths within the uterus that are stimulated by estrogen. These fibroids usually disappear once estrogen levels are balanced.
  • Decreases Polycystic Ovaries (progesterone helps restore hormonal balance brought about from INSULIN RESISTENCE due to sugar & refined carbohydrates in the diet, as well has high cortisol when suffering from chronic stress, which also pushes up the blood sugar.)
  • Restores proper cell oxygen levels –enabling better pH balance for the immune system to function well.
  • Helps inflammatory degenerative diseases/conditions - like arthritis & allergies
  • Protects against and reverses osteoporosis by helping the bone-building cells
  • Protects against all cancers by switching off the cancer gene (Statistics show that cancer has increased from 3% in the 1920’s to 50% in the 21st Century).

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